La Beauté Est Dans La Rue – Beauty Is In The Street – H Ομορφιά Είναι στο Δρόμο – La belleza Está en la Calle

In Europa, in Europa…

Financial Times: «Anger at Germany boils over«

Financial Times: «Austria quells Greece aid fears«

«you experience the fear to be on a train«

You will now listen to my voice.

My voice will help you and guide you still deeper into Europa.

Every time you hear my voice, with every word and every number,
you will enter into a still deeper layer, open, relaxed and receptive.

I shall now count from one to ten.

On the count of ten, you will be in Europa.

I say: one. And as your focus and attention are entirely on my voice, you will slowly begin to relax.
Two, your hands and your fingers are getting warmer and heavier.
Three, the warmth is spreading through your arms, to your shoulders and your neck.
Four, your feet and your legs get heavier.
Five, the warmth is spreading to the whole of your body. On six, I want you to go deeper.
I say: six. And the whole of your relaxed body is slowly beginning to sink.
Seven, you go deeper and deeper and deeper.
Eight, on every breath you take, you go deeper.
Nine, you are floating.

On the mental count of ten, you will be in Europa.

Be there at ten.

I say: ten.

Europa, the gates of Heaven – Europa, the gates of Hell

In the garden, the leaves are falling.

In Europa, in Europa…
The trees bow down, they are in mourning.
In Europa, in Europa…
The north winds hammer, the thrust of Winter’s spears.
In Europa, in Europa…

The shadows gather, the night draws near.
In Europa, in Europa…
The moon she watches, through tears of ice.
In Europa, in Europa…
A fire burns forever, a dagger through the night.
In Europa, in Europa…

In Europa, in Europa…

They’re making the last film
they say it’s the best
And we all helped make it
It’s called the death of the West

the kids from Fame will all be there
Free coca cola for you!
And all the monkeys from the zoo
Will they be extras too?

They’re making the last film
they say it’s the best
And we all helped make it
It’s called the death of the West

"They're making the last film, they say it's the best, and we all helped make it"

A star is rising in our northern sky

And on it we’re crucified

A chain of gold is wrapped around this world

We’re ruled by those who lie

"We're ruled by those who lie"

Embrace this waste

Our pyres burning and our tongues filled with lies
To speak the truth, dead of all belief?
No! Seek and fear
The final tear

Europa: The gates of Heaven
Europa: The gates of Hell

Your only hope a life charmed black
An empty grin for we cannot turn back
A seeking silence and a creeping lust
The pork-men crackle as they turn to dust

Europa: The gates of Heaven
Europa: The gates of Hell

We are the lust the comes from nothing

«You want to wake up to free yourself of  the image of Europa,

but that’s not possible»


One response

  1. leo


    Τιμή μου που με έχεις συμπεριλάβει στα ¨διαμάντια του διαδικτύου, μια ιστοσελίδα τόσο υψηλής αισθητικής.

    Νοέμβριος 19, 2010 στο 11:04 μμ


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