La Beauté Est Dans La Rue – Beauty Is In The Street – H Ομορφιά Είναι στο Δρόμο – La belleza Está en la Calle

«Hitchhiking the World» by Pedro Acevedo Gonzalez

The following text was written by Costa Rican hitch hiker Pedro A. Gonzalez
especially for «La Prose du Monde«,
wanting to share some thoughts and feelings on hitchhiking.

walking with Pedro in Alimos sandy beach, Greece - Apr 21, 2011 - © photo by worldcity

«You can tear down the borders
that are only set on in narrow minds
and in those funny papers people call maps»
«I found myself walking near a highway like none I have seen before in my life. I must admit that what we call highways in Costa Rica can be regarded as roads somewhere else. I had little if no knowledge at all about how to hitchhike, yet, I just took my by then heavy backpack and walked out of the city. I never imagined that hitchhiking could be such a psychological game full of tricks and strategies. Needless to say, my first experiences were awful.
I quit. Instead, I used public transportation. But this was expensive and boring. I went back to the very same country I had tried hitchhiking for the first time, but with a different attitude, a bit more of road-reading skills and an urge for adventure.  This time it was a success. However, there is still a long way to go from France to Turkey and the learning process continues longer than the road.

I initially decided to hitchhike just to save money. But on the way, I realized that there is something else about this way of traveling. Hitchhiking is a challenge, in which moving from point A to B requires your physical and psychological effort, to such an extent that, when you finally make it, you realize how big the world is, how rewarding it is to be there, and most importantly, how beautiful and magnificent every bit of kilometer you covered is (opposite to high speed trains or flights).

Sometimes you even realize that the path to your destination is more fulfilling and breathtaking than the destination itself. Also, when the language barrier is low enough to walk it off (or non-existing), there is always an enriching cultural exchange; every driver has sometimes to teach.

Earlier I said that my backpack was heavy, but after hitchhiking for a while I have become very minimalistic and simple. I have discovered that you can make it anywhere with little material stuff as long as you have a huge desire. You can tear down the borders that are only set on in narrow minds and in those funny papers people call maps.»

written by Pedro Acevedo Gonzalez

Pedro’s travel blog: «50mm – Sin Destino Lo que yace al otro lado del lente…» / in english and spanish

Pedro hitchiking at Thebes tolls station, Greece - Apr 22, 2011 - © photo by worldcity


2 Σχόλια

  1. Paulo Acevedo

    very good, Brother!! it is quite nice to read your thought on the road. keep going!!

    Απρίλιος 26, 2011 στο 12:59 πμ

  2. Bet-súa Muñoz

    Como siempre exitos y que Diosito te acompañe en cada paso! Un abrazo, PURA VIDA!!! En tiquicia te extrañamos :)

    Απρίλιος 27, 2011 στο 11:51 μμ


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